How to be a psychic

Psychic Savvy 101

Feb. 15, 2016
6pm-7pm PT / 8pm-9pm CT / 9pm-10pm ET

Live webinars will be filmed & available for replay if you miss a class or wish to experience the webinar again.

Have you had a hunch or somehow knew something without a rational way for you to know it? Have you ever had a thought of an old friend and then they call? Or perhaps you have dreamt a dream that came true? If you are interested in the world beyond the physical but don’t know where to start, this course will help you deepen your inner knowledge and psychic ability. Turn those inklings into deeper intuitive experiences and awaken your connections within yourself and to the other side.

As you develop intuition you will:
• Experience greater clarity.
• Solve problems more easily.
• Develop self-trust and self-confidence.
• Align with your essence.
• Find more meaning and purpose in your life.
• Enhance the quality of your life, health, wealth and dreams.

Psychic Savvy 101 is built around twelve live webinars that build on each other, step-by-step. This intuitive-building course also includes personalized coaching, partnered exercises, and practicum and homework. Upon completion of the course, you will have experienced what it is to use your own intuition as a beneficial support in your life and have the tools to continue to do so.

In this safe, supportive environment we will explore the architecture of intuition; how to activate intuition; your psychic senses; deepening connections to God/Source; working with angels, ascended masters, and divine spiritual beings; energy balances; chakras and auras; the tools of the trade; intuitive decisions; and psychic readings.

Join us and unlock your intuitive abilities!

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