Join Lynnette Brown & Dr. Divi Chandna LIVE for a...


In this FREE 6 Part Webinar Series, we will discuss Mind Body Medicine:

  1. Energy
  2. Mind, Body, & Spirit
  3. Advanced Intuition
  4. Light Body
  5. Money
  6. Advanced Business Creation
  • The SCIENCE behind Mind Body Spirit Medicine and how your thoughts affect your life
  • A solution outside of the pill bottle you can teach your clients to self heal emotional and physical pain
  • How emotional pain, stress and negative thoughts can manifest in the body as physical pain
  • How to start releasing emotional pain
  • How to shift your thoughts in order to create a positive belief system
  • The strategies Dr. Divi & Lynette use with their clients and students to help them transform their lives and be their best selves

Lynnette Brown

As an internationally known business intuitive, Lynnette Brown has been practicing professionally for over 20 years. She built her business skills and knowledge base as a Trial Paralegal, working directly with the Senior Partner of a major, prestigious, Houston law firm. Despite being a single mom, she chose to leave the industry and pursue what she loved – assisting people with growth and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives through her coaching and intuitive skills. She is a certified Master Law of Attraction Life Coach with special designations in Creating Money, Universal Law, and Intuition. Lynnette is also a Certified Maser Intuitive Success & Performance Coach with an extensive background in energy work, as well as being a Hay House Author and speaker on the sage at “You can Do It!” Hay House events.

Dr. Divi Chandna

Dr. Divi Chandna has been a family doctor for 20 years and is the founder of the Mind Body Spirit Center. She is also an author, international speaker & teacher. In her years working as a family doctor, Dr. Divi started to understand more about the body. She started to see that dis-ease is not isolated to the body, but related to our whole lives. She has discovered that health is interlinked to many factors including our mental & emotional states. Using this knowledge and her gifts of intuition, Dr. Divi helps people to re-balance and heal.

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