Still struggling for your success despite knowing Law of Attraction? Wondering how to get money out of your vortex and into your bank account? Confused that you aren’t experiencing success even though you understand LOA? Stressed things aren’t going your way? Efforting to have what you want even though you practice LOA?


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I was given the divine assignment to offer this Vortex Integration Program to make it easier for you to strengthen your momentum and vibrational set point on a week to week basis, speeding up your creation process.

What is the Vortex Integration Program?

It’s a group call where I will take you into a deeper integration of living into your vortex space and to who you really are.

These calls will be based on advanced processes to allow for more in depth integration of living in ease, wealth and joy through Universal Laws and Energy Dynamics.

Starting First Mondays of the Month

✔ We will meet 3 times a month, for 1 hour each on Mondays. You can choose a morning or afternoon session: 10AM PT (12PM CT) OR 6 PM PT (8PM CT). 

✔ During our meetings we will go through processes to anchor and expand your vortex alignment, as well as integrate a deeper connection to your Divine Inner Self.

✔ Calls will be recorded so you can refer back to them.


Why would I want to add this on to my 1:1 Coaching Program?

In 1:1 calls we create a customized program centered around your personal goals, life situations/contrast and how to apply Universal Laws, Intuition and Energy Dynamics to them. In this Vortex Integration Program we will only focus on the allowing aspect vs. contrast. Creating a concentration on your momentum and alignment to what you desire – actually connecting and being in your vortex energy longer, acclimating you to a higher vibrational set point in a group setting.

So why add a group call to the mix?

There is plenty of scientific studies out there that prove the power of groups gathering and the impact they have. Being part of this group you will build momentum with others focusing on the same intention, making it easier to build and strengthen your set point and direct it towards your personal goals and dreams, speeding up the manifestation.

Just imagine if you harnessed this group power and focused it in the direction of your goals, and dreams?

How good can you let your life get? Join us and SEE!!

Big Love,

Law of Attraction