Universal Law Series – Hermetic Principle of Gender

“Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles; gender manifests on all planes.” – The Kybalion

Before we dive into what this principle is – let’s first get clear about what it is not. It isn’t about your sex or even what sex you may identify with physically. Most people simplify this principle as yin and yang – there is much more to it than that my friend. 

Let’s start at the root of it all: gender. The word “gender” is derived from the Latin root meaning “to beget; to procreate; to generate; to create; to produce.” The authors of The Kybalion are pointing us to a deeper level of creation than mere physical distinctions of male or female. Showing us yet again, we are creators. 

This principle teaches there are masculine and feminine qualities in everything – and they manifest on all levels. From nature to humanity, everything, has these innate qualities of being masculine and feminine; both are required for life to exist. The simplicity and power in this principle is why some call this the principle of creation. Without this principle there, would be no generation or creation – it embodies the true creative nature, the actual creation of all things. 

Another valuable piece of this principle is the awareness that everything requires an incubation period to come into form. This is the space or period of time between generating your desire to have a new business and the actual manifestation of your business in reality. Understanding this gestation period can help you stay centered and focused in times when you may be questioning your ability to actually manifest a business. Don’t give up, stay the course!

Many people give up right before their manifestations occur because of this incubation period. 

Here’s some good news you may not be aware of, working with the Hermetic Principles you can shorten this incubation period through using Mentalism (remember our 1st Hermetic Principle?). When you focus your concentration on an idea/desire it increases the energy and magnetism of it – which shortens the incubation period, drawing it to you, swiftly bringing it into form. Yes there is instant manifestation, but that’s a much deeper conversation for later ☺

We know how masculine and feminine energy manifests in the physical, did you know it also exists in the mental and spiritual levels? 

The masculine is the assertive, progressive, explorative energy that drives us. On a mental level it is logical and expressive, while the feminine is a receiving energy, open, creative and nurturing. When something upsetting happens in life, the initial shock of emotions is the receiving aspects of the feminine. The masculine energy creates a solution and a plan to move forward. 

It’s possible to get out of whack spending too much time in one of these energies, leaving the other to atrophy. Raised by a single mom I learned early on how to use my masculine energy – doing – solutions – fixing. Living in the masculine energy of doing all the time, however, I lost the softer, gentler side of myself. Over the years of being connected to my intuitive gifts, studying Hermetic Principles and Universal Laws, I’ve learned to equalize my imbalance by spending time in nature, being quiet, receiving – acknowledging my feminine energy. Understanding and accepting that hummingbird like masculine energy of myself and emphasizing my feminine side by being open, still, quiet, receiving guidance as to the inspired action to take next. This is harmony between the feminine and masculine energies. Like the yin/yang, two halves of one thing always fit together, one cannot exist without the other. They need to work in conjunction with each other. 

When the masculine doesn’t have the input of the feminine, it can lead to reckless actions, feeling overwhelmed, being exhausted, having too much action with very little results, and losing sight as to why we are on this expedition. On the other hand, when the feminine energy doesn’t have the input of the masculine – it can lead to feeling lethargic, lacking in focus, feeling flighty, and bing completely in reaction to our environment and outside circumstances. 

In our world, our lives are busy, as we are distracted by the day to day routines to get things done. All very action-based and masculine, no doubt you would agree this is the dominant energy in our world. Eckhart Tolle in his book, A New Earth, speaks about how our planet has been more masculine for thousands of years and how we need to lean into the divine feminine to harmonize it. He believes because of this imbalance, ego has had supremacy in the human psyche. Creating a culture that values action (doing) and neglecting the power of our feminine nature, (being). Both are needed, just as the yin and yang, each is inseparable. 

How to apply Hermetic Principle of Gender:

The power behind working with this principle is you are easily able to discern an imbalance between your masculine and feminine aspects. When you are feeling overwhelmed or agitated, take a look to see if you have you been overdoing It, over giving, that is the masculine energy overruling the feminine. When you are feeling lethargic, flighty, without focus or reactive, that is the feminine overruling the masculine. Being in balance with our masculine and feminine aspects makes it easier to manifest and bring what we want into our reality. 

Notice and eliminate all the excessive “doing” and begin at the beginning. Reset yourself back to factory settings, own your Divine nature as a human being, not a human doing. 

Here’s an easy way to apply and experience the Principle of Gender:

  • Go into stillness, quiet. Imagine the dark space of your Divine Feminine. A space of creating.
  • Feel or imagine the vibration of your Divine Feminine expanding through your breath, moving out and beyond your body (Divine Masculine). Notice what you are experiencing in this inward and outward movement of your breath and energy. 
  • Sitting in this energy of allowing and broadcasting be open to receive any Divine Guidance of inspired action. 

An easy way to work with the Hermetic Principle of Gender, is through a process we included in our book, You Don’t Look Psychic, called “Environmental Grounding”. Grounding usually supports us in balancing our masculine and feminine aspects when we are wrapped up in a world of “doing”. I’ve included that excerpt below for you to give it a go. 

Hopefully this has deepened your understanding and awareness of this potent creation principle. Leaving you with more power to find within yourself and your projects the creation energy of the masculine and feminine leading you to epic success and joy. 



Meditation and Journaling Prompts

Am I struggling or forcing anywhere in my life? 

Do I take time to be thoughtful and reflective?

How much am I giving and is it in equal proportion to how much I am receiving?

Where am I overdoing or pushing to make something happen in my world?

Where am I over giving in my life?  

Why do I over give? Is it for acknowledgment, obligation, validation, value? 

Where do I feel in harmony with the giving and receiving in my body? 

Environmental Grounding

This can be very helpful when walking into a new environment or situation. You can also use it at home or places you know. 

  1. Find something in the room that feels good, a piece of art on the wall, a flower arrangement or a tree outside. 
  2. Spend a few minutes gazing at this object. Being present.
  3. Ask your mind and emotions to find a few things about this item that feels good and that you appreciate. Maybe its colors, what it represents, or its sound. 
  4. Feel yourself connecting and grounding as your gaze at this item and breathe in and out, deeply. 
  5. Bring your awareness back into your environment, the people and atmosphere. 
  6. If you feel jittery, anxious or worried – return to your item and activate your grounding with your breath, center and remember the good feelings it evoked within you. Allow those feelings to spread and grow with your breath, in and out. 

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