Embracing the Chaos: Unleashing Magick with the Energy Around You  

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Have you ever had those days or weeks where it seems like everything is “going sideways”? When I first began living the life of a professional intuitive I naively thought that everything would be rainbows and butterflies. As I deepened in living with the divine through my intuitive abilities, nature and being, I quickly realized that life has a way of what I call life-ing – expanding and contracting. All of life has the cycles from birth to death and which means movement, the shifting, growth and sluffing away the old, so there is room for the new.  

Having lived through these shifts of growing pains many times in my life I’ve gained some strategies to support myself through the chaos of the breakdown of the old to birth the new. I call this practice creating from chaos. Some call this chaos magick. So let’s dive into the captivating realm of chaos magick and explore how to harness the energy of chaos around you to create some seriously spellbinding magick. So, buckle up and get ready to ride the waves of uncertainty and possibility!  

What is Chaos Magick?  

In chaos magick, your aim is to suspend your beliefs and approach with an open and flexible mindset. This involves questioning and examining beliefs and assumptions about your current situation. Being open to See and embrace the universe as dynamic and constantly evolving system that is influenced and shaped by your intention and energies. Practicing chaos magick you harness your energy and direct it towards creating positive change and stability. This can be through practicing ceremony, ritual, visualization, meditation and altered states of consciousness.   

In Chaos Magick, we understand that chaos is not something to be feared or avoided but rather an ocean of raw energy waiting to be shaped by our will. Embracing chaos means embracing the unpredictable, the ever-changing, and the unknown. It’s like stepping onto a roller coaster with arms wide open, ready to ride the twists and turns toward your desired destination.  

Tap into the Energy  

To work with chaos energy, you need to attune yourself to its rhythm. Start by cultivating awareness of the world around you. Observe the ebb and flow of events, notice the synchronicities, and embrace the unexpected. By recognizing the chaotic currents swirling around you, you can begin to tap into the energy that fuels magickal workings.  

Set Your Intention  

Now that you’ve opened yourself to the chaos energy, it’s time to set your intention. What do you seek to manifest or transform in your life? Clearly define your goal and infuse it with your passion and desire. The more specific and focused your intention, the easier it becomes to channel the chaotic energy towards its realization. I like to add in sigil magick, creating a symbol or design that represents my desired outcome. Then I charge the sigil with my intent and energy, and then use it in ceremony or rituals to manifest the desired outcome.  

Craft Your Ritual  

Chaos magick is highly flexible and allows you to create ceremonies and rituals that resonate with your unique style. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix various elements from different traditions. You can use candles, runes, crystals, incense, or any other tool (sigil) that amplifies your connection to the chaos energy. Trust your instincts and let your creativity flow as you design a ritual that speaks to you.  

Ride the Waves of Synchronicity   

As you engage in your spiritual practice, keep an eye out for synchronicities. These meaningful coincidences are the universe’s way of guiding you on your magickal journey. Pay attention to signs, symbols, and serendipitous encounters that align with your intention. Embrace these connections and use them as cues to fine-tune your focus and reinforce your connection to the chaotic energy.  

Be Open to Adaptation  

Chaos magick is all about embracing the unexpected, so be open to adaptation along the way. As you navigate the ever-shifting currents of life and chaos, be willing to adjust your approach and change course if needed. Remember, there is no one “right” way to practice your connection to the Divine. It’s your journey, and you have the freedom to explore and mold it as you see fit.  

Blend Practice with Practical Action  

While the chaos energy can work wonders, it’s important to remember this is not a substitute for taking divinely guided and inspired action. Use the energy you’ve harnessed to propel yourself forward, but also take tangible steps toward your goals. Magick is a catalyst, not a magic wand that will instantly transform your life. Combine your spiritual practice and workings with proactive efforts to bring about the shifts you seek.  

In the captivating world of change and chaos, the energy of chaos becomes a potent tool for manifesting your desires and embracing the ever-changing nature of existence. This is my big reminder, to not shy away from the natural disruption of chaos; ride its waves, trust my intuition, and let the magick unfold. So the next time your world feels topsy turvy embrace the dance of chaos, and watch as your intentions take shape amidst the swirling energy of possibility.   

Happy magick-making!