Abundance Program


Where: Anywhere


Are you tired of worrying about money, waiting for your ship to come in, your fairy Godmother to grant your wish? If you’re like most, you’ve had concerns about money at some point in your life.

In fact, according to a survey from the American Psychological Association, financial stress in America is quite pervasive – actually 64% of people say that money is a somewhat or a very significant source of stress.

So what’s the scoop?

This program is created to change the money and abundance story in your life. It’s purposely 90 days because scientists have proven in the field of Neurosciences that it takes most that long to redirect their negative belief systems into new more empowering ones.

So you’re probably wondering what sets this program apart from all the other abundance/money programs out there. This program combines many techniques, tools and methodologies; from Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws to Mind Science, it encompasses body, mind and soul.

Here’s what this unique 90 day program includes:

■ Weekly live Classes via webinar, with recorded playbacks for your personal use

■ Daily texts or email reminders to support your specific and customized goals

■ Valuable Conscious Strategies ™ techniques, tools and skills for use in your every day life to increase your abundance, awareness and experience.

■ Personal access to Lynnette Brown, Law of Attraction Coach, Intuitive, Hay House Author for support in accomplishing and arriving at your intended goal/desire.

■ Community of people who will expand not only your circle of friends but also your abundance consciousness.

So what’s this going to cost me?

Time, it’s your commitment to your intention that will change your current experience.
Focus, without this essential component there would be no rudder so your ship won’t come in.
Trust, to be willing to focus on the patterns that have kept you repeating and experiencing the same results.
Vision, be willing to see yourself as a wealthy and abundant contribution to the world.
Energy, be willing to experience and allow your power to shine through.
Financially, $300.00, despite the depth of this program and it’s exciting results my goal is to keep it so reasonable that everyone has opportunity to play along.


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