Lifestyle Cleansing

Most of us try to keep our homes neat and tidy, but what about your lives? Our life, much like our home, gets cluttered with uncompleted tasks, unfinished relationships, incomplete ideas, etc. Just like a home, they require routine cleaning. Be it mental, physical, spiritual, or environmental, a routine cleaning is definitely recommended.

Mental Cleansing: One of the main causes for mental clutter is stress. Identify what aspects in your life stress you out. Then brainstorm different options on how to eliminate such stressors. Is it work? Is it the negative folks around you? Is it your financial situation? Believe it or not, all stressors can and should be eliminated or modified to help declutter the mind.

Physical Cleansing: Living a healthy and active lifestyle is not easy, but it’s truly worth it. Examine your current physical situation. Do you think you can eat a bit healthier? Incorporate a bit more exercise? Sleep a little longer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should set simple goals and a game plan to create the needed changes for improving your physical life.

Spiritual Cleansing: An aura, or the radiant quality surrounding you, must also be cleansed. Whether you’re facing difficult times, sadness, and/or destructive emotions, such as negativity, you must create positivity and strength. Both meditation and positive affirmations are wonderful techniques.

Environmental Cleansing: If you haven’t noticed, physical clutter creates life clutter. Therefore, take some time and organize your home and any personal place that you spend much time in (i.e. your car or office). Get rid of anything you don’t use or haven’t used. Further, look into Feng Shui to improve the energy around you.

Ideas on how to cleanse your life are endless. What ideas do you have? If you’re in need of assistance on how to spring clean your life, contact Conscious Strategies at .