Mystical Tools of Divination


“Mystical notice: tools are only as powerful as the artisan who holds them. Divination tools are not the source of our magic they are an instrument through which our power flows.”
~Lynnette Brown

I always am guided to ring this magical bell before jumping into working with any mystical tools. Not to steer you away from using them, instead to remind you that as practicing intuitives and mystics we must hold the understanding we are the connection, the true vessel of intuition – not the tools we use.

As far as divination tools go, pendulums pack a powerful punch for such a compact device. This ancient tool dates back as far as 600BC and still today remains one of the simplest yet elegant divination tools around. They are popular because of the potent access to quick, straight forward, and sometimes surprising answers they display. When you need an immediate yes or no answer, this is the “go to” tool of choice for professional intuitives and mystics.

If you are new to working with pendulums you will enjoy this divination medium because the magic will happen right before your eyes.

A pendulum is a symmetrically weighted object on a string or chain. It can be as simple as a metal washer tied to a string or as elegant as crystals ensconced in gold. It can even be the necklace you’re wearing. They all work, as long as the material isn’t magnetic. Pendulums acts as a receiver and transmitter of information, and it moves in different ways in response to questions and energy. They work by responding to energy – converting it back and forth, the pendulum detects energy and physically moves the weighted object at the end of the chain/string.

The practice of using pendulums, dowsing, was used traditionally to locate hidden water, minerals, and other things buried underground. Today practitioners use pendulums to clear and dispel distracting energies, to help find lost things, to identify energy disruptions in the body, and to get quick answers to their questions.

You can purchase some beautiful pendulums from artisans and even make your own. I always love watching workshop participants learning about pendulums getting excited by making their own pendulum. We create a rudimentary pendulum by putting a regular ordinary washer from the local hardware store at the end of a piece of string and watching how this simple primitive tool surprises and delights them. Who knew such rudimental objects would work? Our ancestors.

How to choose your pendulum 

This is 100% intuitive – trust your senses – especially your clair-senses when choosing your divination tools. Consider what material, color, energy you want your pendulum to have AND be open to what shows up. Just as Ollivanders in Diagon Alley said, “the wand chooses the wizard,” so do all mystical tools. The pendulum that is perfect for you will find you.

Before you begin working with your pendulum it is important to prepare for the work you are about to do.

Clearing your pendulum

First thing is to clear your pendulum so it is free of any other energy.

You can do this by:

  1. Using the sun or moonlight energy.
  2. Placing your pendulum outside or in your window sill if the material is fragile, for 24 hours.
  3. Through burning herbs, such as sage, rosemary, or mugwort, and allowing the smoke to cleanse it.
  4. Clearing crystals – clear and smoky quartz, selenite, shungite, or any other clearing crystal. Simply place your pendulum on the clearing crystal with the intention for it to be cleared and cleansed and let it do its work.
  5. Using your breath and simply holding your pendulum in your hand, bring the energy of mother earth up through your feet into your heart and lungs, then with a forceful clearing breath (like a whale breathing at the surface) push the energy with your breath onto and through your pendulum.

Once cleared you are ready to program your pendulum – this is where the magical fun starts!

Programing your pendulum

Before working with your pendulum the first time, you will want to program it. Just like your computer, your pendulum needs your specific password access. First, choose those passwords – which way do you want your instrument to swing or move for a ‘YES’ answer? And which way do you want your pendulum to swing or move for a ‘NO’ answer? The choice is yours. Now that you’ve chosen let’s program it.

To do this, hold your pendulum in your dominant hand, allowing the weighted stone to hang freely unobstructed from its chain. Then with your focus and energy – demonstrate the movement for a ‘YES’ answer by moving the pendulum in that direction. Make sure you are breathing and believing this magical interaction is possible. State or declare this is the movement for a ‘YES,’ allowing the pendulum to move in your chosen fashion.

Repeat the same technique for a ‘NO’ answer.

You can also program your pendulum for movements that represent “uncertain or unknown at this time,” as well as clockwise for the future – and counterclockwise for the past. The possibilities are infinite. This is where you get to build your personal connection and language of this tool.

After programming your pendulum, ask several random questions that you know the answer to, such as, is my name ______. Once you feel comfortable with your pendulum’s responses you’re ready to create an intention for this mystical tool.

Setting your intention for your pendulum

Creating and setting the intention for your divination tools is a very sacred practice that is incredibly important. How we care for and use our magical tools is the basis of what we will receive from them.

Ask yourself, “how will I use this tool?”

  • Will it be to support your intuition while doing sessions for your clients?
  • Will it be to help you make quick choices that support your path?
  • Will it be to show disruptions in the body for healing?
  • Will it be to find what is hidden?
  • Will it be to have fun?
  • Will it be to build your intuitive skills?
  • Will it be ALL of the above?

Once you are clear about this – infuse this intention into your pendulum by holding it in your hands and placing it on your heart as you breathe deeply, sending energy through your heart chakra to your pendulum.

Using your pendulum

First rule of working with your pendulum is to RELAX and detach from what answers you may receive. Your energy is important, do your best to be clear minded and open to your experience. Trust your intuition, staying neutral as you learn the language of your pendulum will make it easy.

Feeling relaxed hold the top of the chain of your pendulum between your thumb and index finger allowing the weight to be suspended freely. I often push my elbow into my side so that I don’t “accidentally” influence the movement of the pendulum. You can rest your arm on a table or anything that feels steady.

Breathing deeply, ask your pendulum a simple and clear yes or no question. Staying patient allow your pendulum to move. This is where some people get frustrated because it may not begin to move immediately. The level of its movement relates to the level of your relaxation and belief.

Notice the direction it is moving in as it answers your question.

For more complicated questions, such as where did I leave my keys? You can start it like a game of clue.

“Did I leave them in my bedroom?” Allow the pendulum to answer. If yes go further, “Are they under my bed?” And continue until you’ve solved your clue.

After every answer make sure to stop the pendulum with your hand as a signal you are finished with the question and ready to move on.

Being grateful

After your pendulum divination session, make sure to acknowledge your Divine Support Team, Ancestors, and this sweet tool for supporting you in building your intuition. Because this is a sacred tool I highly recommend storing it with respect as you would any other valued item.

The beauty is this sweet little mystical tool reminds us that all the answers are already within us.

Troubleshooting your pendulum

There may be times when your pendulum seems to not work, or you receive the wrong answers.

This could be for several reasons:

  • Are you relaxed and detached from what may occur?
  • Are you angry, tired or agitated?
  • Are you open and willing to receive your answer?
  • Was your question simple and specific?
  • Are you “trying” to make it happen or are you pushing?
  • Do you trust in your ability?

Notice your answers to these questions and remember you are the connection to the Divine – the energy coming through you is how your pendulum will respond.

Most important thing to remember is to have a childlike way of curiosity and play with this tool. They can pick up the smallest amount of disruption or energy, just like us they are very sensitive ☺

And like all things mystical and magical – practice…practice…practice –  as it will make your connection seamless.

I hope this supports you to dive more deeply into your mystical magical gifts of intuition.