Learn, Practice, and Train to become a certified Mind, Body, Spirit, Life Coach and/or Practitioner!​

12 Months Mind, Body, Spirit Certification Program

ENROLL TODAY |  Transform your life and begin earning a living teaching others how to live happier, fuller, and healthier lives too! This 12 months, practitioner and life coach certification program will be co-taught by Dr. Divi Chandna and myself, Lynnette Brown.

If you are ready to:

  • Heal your Life
  • Live Magnificently
  • Make Friends with Money
  • Become Your Own Boss
  • Experience True Joy, Bliss, & Divine Peace

You are in the Right Place!

  • Lead yourself and your clients to living happier, fuller, and healthier lives.
  • Teach others how to create and manifest the life they’ve always dreamed of.
  • Guide your clients to step into their own power.
  • Learn to create a successful, profitable business you can do from home.
  • Manifest a life of your desires!

The MBS coaching program is structured over 12 months and consists of the following modules:

1. Energy Module

Learn about energy, Laws of the Universe, how to apply them to your own life & shift, heal and transform your experience on the planet.

2. Mind Body Spirit Module

Practice and learn the definitive processes to heal your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

3. Advanced Intuition Module

Three days in person with both Lynnette Brown and Dr. Divi- learning and experiencing “how to wake up your       intuition”, “how to be a professional intuitive and add intuition to your coaching or business services.”

4. Light Body Module

Begin the process of waking up your light body to hold more love and light on the planet. Learn specific meditations, processes and techniques to expand your conscious awareness.

5. Money Module

Start a different conversation on money. Money is an energy- and our ability to be with the energy of money and practicing this will lead you to incredible abundance and freedom. Create an entirely different dynamic in your business and personal experience by changing your conversation around the energy we call money. Freedom from limiting beliefs and sabotage.

6. Advanced Business  Creation Module

Learn how to create a successful and inspiring business as a Mind Body Spirit Coach or practitioner. Become your own Boss!

7. Practicum

Practice your skills with 10 clients and review your sessions with Dr. Divi in order to truly integrate this work into your life and business.

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Meet Your Speakers...


Lynnette Brown

Lynnette is a Master Law of Attraction Coach, International Certified Intuitive, Hay House Author, and Performance Success Coach.


Dr. Divi Chandna

The Founder of the Mind Body Spirit Center, Author, TEDX Talk Speaker and International Expert in Mind Body Medicine Dr. Divi Chandna.


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Option 1: PAY IN FULL – $12,000 CAD
Option 2: 12 Payments of $1083.33 w/ a $300 Deposit
Option 3: 18 Payments of $777.77 w/ a $300 Deposit
Option 4: 36 Payments of $444.44 w/ a $300 Deposit

If you prefer making payments, upon paying the $300 deposit, a staff member from MBS Center will contact you to set-up your payment plan.

Pay $300 Deposit

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