Divine Abundance “Meditations for Attracting Wealth & Prosperity”

Meditation Audio

Meditation made easy through guided imagery and visualization. This guided visualization and meditation audio helps you relax your mind and body with music set at different frequencies that tap into your Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta brainwaves while assisting you in the creation of having great abundance in your life. The end result is a guided trip inside your mind to quiet your thoughts, feel good while helping you develop greater depths of calmness and self-awareness, which will help you to cultivate greater appreciation for yourself and others. This audio takes the mystery out of the visualization practice to create and have divine abundance in your life.

Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: Meditation 1-Quick Morning Tune-Up
Track 3: Meditation 2-Morning Creation
Track 4: Meditation 3-Pathway to Wealth
Track 5: Affirmations