Uncertainty – Life and Future

There is so much media and conversation concerning the economy and how there is a treacherous storm making landfall. As both a business and personal intuitive success coach, I have many people consulting with me about our economic environment and their fears associated with surviving their struggle. Often resignation sets in because they do not […]

Focus Your Energy

Several times a day, I’d like you to take the time to focus and refocus your energy. Begin before even getting out of bed. In the morning, tell yourself that you’re going to have a wonderful day. Tell yourself that you’ll make positive decisions that are for your highest good and will lead you to […]

Divine Success and Performance

Often we find it easier to listen to our dis-empowering thoughts vs. our divine compass that shows us our true north. The Spirit world tells us if we would be willing to receive and see our own divine greatness our success would be plentiful, our worries regarding failure would be obsolete. This, of course, is […]

If Wishes Were Horses – Dream to Reality

It seems lately, that most people’s get-up-and-go, has got up and left. Many are feeling disrupted by changes never seen in their lifetime. The non-stop media runs continuous loops featuring stories of failed companies, abandoned careers, broken marriages, and uncertainty for a prosperous future. With that kind of buzz flying around, a perceived safety net […]

Creating what you want NOW

What are you looking for in your life? While many times we spend much time analyzing information or data from the past, we don’t realize that analysis alone will not produce new ideas, patterns or situations. It’s requires awareness and integration into your every day life. Here are steps to take right now at this […]


My intention with writing this is to bring more people into awareness of how they can easily implement their natural intuitive instincts into their everyday lives and utilize it to create their bliss…whatever that is. Get Your Groove Back All too often we can find ourselves outside of our “groove”, so much so that many […]