My intention with writing this is to bring more people into awareness of how they can easily implement their natural intuitive instincts into their everyday lives and utilize it to create their bliss…whatever that is. Get Your Groove Back All too often we can find ourselves outside of our “groove”, so much so that many […]

The Precious Gift of Self

What amazing gifts of contribution are we to the world, to our loved ones, and most importantly, to ourselves. Everything you give comes back to you. We are creating by what we are giving. Remember…energy goes where attention flows. If we are gratefully aware of what we have, that which we experience in gratitude will […]

Keeping your eyes on the prize

With all the hoopla concerning our economic environment we have incredible opportunities to choose the path we take in this experience. We can take the trail of fear, despair and concern in which we encounter stress, anxiety and worry. Or we can choose the route of creation, freedom and adventure. This time in our world […]

The Resolution Solution

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? If so, how’s it coming? Have you stuck to it? A resolution is a long-standing custom in which we make up our mind and declare what we are creating for ourselves during the next 12 months. Often after making a powerful declaration, you will begin to […]

Creative Void

A “Creative Void” is a time in your life where you are shifting, adapting and getting ready for a major change. It is a spiritual growth time where, although similar to spiritual timing, there is little or no movement. You may or may not know what your next step towards your goal is or you […]

Creating a new experience

I’m sure you are aware that we are being inundated with mass media that continues to stoke the fires of fear in and around the status of the economic well being in our world. And while we want to be grounded and understand what is happening, we also want to maintain our focus of what […]